Monday, September 13, 2010


Trend forcasting for leg wear
     It is raining out and I have lost my mojo. Its like when I was learning how to wash clothes a few years ago. So I have resorted to blogging, the last resource of those who have nothing better to do, utter douche baggery. I am a failed artist, designer and poet. Everyone has said I am blessed with many gifts but I don't know their outlets. I am neither brilliant at one nor the other, so what do I do. The problem has always been that I don't care...
We all judge books by their covers
     I am amazed at what people wear. Their clothing choices you would think spoke volumes, but many have resorted to bland dressing. I am not talking about colors, I am speaking the quality of our clothes. So many people just get it so wrong, sarong, thong...
    I am also fascinated by the idea of trend forecasting. People who fill our lives with shots of models, vacuous and dull, this is the wave of the future but it is already the past.
Shit brown is the new black...
writing exercise 
     Our want to follow trends is historical, but history is getting shorter and shorter. We are history, wear history...Doing some rounds this afternoon I ran across some pieces from a designer I have worked with. they resembled deflated Victorian couches, skins hanging lifeless, only the cupping from the sewn in falsies giving them form. Very nude pantyhose, very rusty panties...I am omitting him from my C.V. When a trend forecaster applies the trends it is usually unnatural and out of proportion, an exaggeration of what once brought people to that look.
the red carpet matches the curtains
    The beauty of history is it can be changed. I have burned many bad photos of myself. Wiped clean are the rat tail and Mao hat from elementary school. One of many nice things about a collared shirt and sweater is that it always looks good in a photograph. A set vernacular. I would have saved a lot of editing time, had I learned that at a younger age. I don't understand how people tolerate ugly photos. They should burn them and create an image of their own making for posterity.
That memory shouldn't include permanent press techno fabrics and oversized embroidery.
    We are moving towards a genderless gender inasmuch that we can see ourselves more as others see us. One of the greatest gifts of reality t.v.. A fallacy of perception, the creation of everyone else but yourself. The great democracy, equalizer, and innocent verdict.
men in cowboy boots=men in high heels

all tomorrows parties

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