Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Masics" We are all made of stars.

joshua cosimo
For Hadis

I have always been (re)searching. My life is a dazzling array of action and reaction that brings me to now and beyond. In early 1999 proclivity for the occult and religion inspired me to send a friend in Jerusalem a prayer to be placed at the wailing wall . In it I asked our Divine creator to give me the strength and energy to fulfill my lifes destiny. It didn't arrive. I sent another letter it arrived shredded, a wet mass of paper pulp unable to be slipped between the sacred stones and touch the heart of god on earth. I gave up, there was obviously something that did not want my prayer anywhere near the last remains of Solomons temple. 
In summer 2000 I received a postcard from my friend telling me the first letter had miraculously re-appeared, I was not condemned after all. 
When a  relationship ended in 2009 a dear friend began sending me emails of spiritual guidance from the cabala center in New York. Those emails gave me an inspired outlook on the world prompting me to buy a copy of the Zohar. I had given in, pop religion has always left a bitterness in my soul but cabala was mailable enough to interpret my own devices. 

Solomon made a covenant with G**. In accordance G** granted him eternal wisdom.  From his temple, the elevated knowledge of the ages was dispersed among the believers of  monotheistic divinity. Reading ancient holy texts we begin to understand the layers of meaning our forebears laced within them. 
Stola Dei

The seal of Solomon had mystical powers to capture demons and inter them in copper bottles.  A pictogram of the idea what is here on earth is a reflection of what is in heaven. "As above so Below." Two intersecting triangles that form a polygon. 
 Graphically this image works very effectively. It is a smarter version of that star shit ravers would wear in the late nineties. I also respond to the idea of it forming a geometric pattern that at the same time is a representation of  elevated ideas on multiple levels.
JEV Cosimo
I used 12 diffrent colors of blue and green to give
 a varied but regular color block repeat.
There are multiple color groupings working here. When I laid out the original Seal of Solomon the negative space changed slightly as the cluster went from two to four to eight. To adjust for the distortion I made the color break down on a different numeration. This also allows for more variation in the color selection for printing.
JEV Cosimo
This Printing was done on a basic white cotton Indian Sari. I love the lightness of this cloth, the way it hangs and feels against the skin. I am also attracted to using this most ancient textile with an ancient symbol
JEV Cosimo
This four meter sari becomes a representation of
 the stole dei that  is worn by solomon in the graphic.

This pictogram is about our ennoblement to be better people. An visual idea to tell us we are a map of heaven, to think we are a reflection of all that is can pacify our fears. Instead of fighting everything, protesting and battling  we can be more effective by just living our lives. Not being sucked into what others tell us our stories are. I love this symbol because it gives us hope and something to esteem. We are vast and eternal parts of a vast and eternal part. We are all made of stars.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Speculative "Masics"

We are all made of stars.
When I begin working on an idea there is always a preference to allow them to cook slowly and come to conclusions by gathering the most amount of evidence. I look at everything I can to reinforce them. I could post photos of all the graphic design tragedies that litter our lives today or get over it and try to make our visual world a lot better. 
 I am tired of Audry Hepburn's anorexic face glaring out at me from the front of a not anorexic young lady. I am bored seeing skulls everywhere, they are not interesting. If you want to see some real skulls go to the catacombs in Paris, that's interesting. What we wear and purchase revolves around a need for us to display to the outside world something visual that identifies us. So are you ironic, edgy, nervous, there are style sheets for those. Are you desperate for attention or less attention? There are style sheets for those too.
 What do you wear when you want to say "I have been up all night having sex with my astral lover in a dream scape similar to an Egyptian temple, now I want a coffee." I might have some answers.

I have a certain fetish for architectural detail. It forms part of my living triplicate of food, clothing, and shelter. Most of my work comes from and goes to these three functions. They are both the source and the ultimate destination of my ideas. Those three things are the bulk of what creates our experience on planet earth and makes us who we are.
There is still a belief in the notion of powerful images representing complex ideas. Walking down Broadway on the UWS, gawking at the Ansonia I stumbled on the Level club located on west 73rd street; It is an incredible structure, a breathtaking a tour de force of Masonic symbolic. 
 Which leads me to ask; If masonic images where at one point and time so celebrated, then why have they become suppressed and secretive? I have several friends who get very nervous when I talk about this as trend. They  have reservations about how the brotherhood would react. My response is  fashion students wearing a Freemason apron is great P.R. Better than a guy shooting and killing Norwegian kids showing up on the news dressed in full Masonic regalia.
                        Here are some "Masics" to what you may be seeing.
   The Eye of god that is all knowing 
judging on public actions not private lives.
                              An hourglass presents a relation to the the
                        past and the future. It is a testament to the fleeting
                    construct we allow to be placed on our existence.
    A Square and compass represent "builders" of our world and an idea
          accuracy of moral and ethical measurement creates a solid foundation for humanity.            

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easy stroking: a cock block print.

jev cosimo

For C.I. 
People come into your life for a reason. I am blessed to have had so many incredible people in my life serving as a wealth of inspiration. It is another layer to the thick cake. Everything I do is for the people I love and I am fortunate that that number grows daily. 
This is a step by step of the image building process for this design. This is a 13 screen print.
A simple tile print. It begins as a medallion that is lined up on its axis.  
complexity comes from the additional pieces that are added and
used as  linking strips between the individual tiles

The pattern begins to take form as a series of interlocking
 shapes that build an increasingly complex design.

Double mirroring of the design creates an easy formula to build the image. To formulate the prints occupying the negative space I used the same screen printed on cutout shapes formulated on an axis.  Creating print puzzle pieces that are added to fill the gaps. The black outline gives the design somthing to build color on.

These prints were challenging in as much there was an attempt not to make then vulgar or offensive. My idea was to produce an attractive print independent of its contextualized parts. 
this first color is later covered by other
 printings and the layering tones it down.

jev cosimo
The tips and veins.
The blue overlap only catches the interior of the print creating
four diffrent distinct colors.

A second ogival shape is colored with a darker
shade to create more depth
A nice lattice in the background
makes a complimenting pattern.
Inserts allow for colors to be modified within the body of the repeat.

jev cosimo
the gold insert also acts to move the eye back
into the body of the design.
The last fill color before the background is added.
jev cosimo
Black as a ground color  makes the whole
design pop and unified.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

SPQR (getting nailed by romans)

Pride of the Romans

and a little surprise
etsy account
When we see a movie about ancient Rome we should ask ourselves were’s the cock? We have a double ended image of ancient Rome, on one tip we have Spartacus, on the other we have Caligula, but we forget there is a lot of sliding space in between, that cock worship was a VERY important part of our culture for as long as we have had culture. Young fresh brides would give their virginity to the gods before getting married. Straddling a penis fetish, making sure their hymen was broken the day before their wedding. A sacred act, you didn't want to get married if you didn't know the love of a god first. Our modern virginal bride in white is dull and incredible by comparison. Pretending to be like Mary will not make your son like Jesus.

As the catholic church rose to dominance penises on roman statues where chiseled off
in a collective societal castration ritual. Roman popular beliefs in an over sized engorged throbbing phallus as a sign of good luck were not shared by early clergy. Culturally we are left thinking that fig leaves and Ken's bump are the proper public perceptions of male anatomy, penis is shame full.The irony is inescapable.

waiting for the thrust of modernity
We love our orgasms but few can admit it, they help remind us we are bound the creative cycles of this reality. We are bridle trained from an early age to be ashamed of our our bits and pieces. We are not taught how being able copulate like rabbits and not procreate like them is what makes our sex lives different from other creatures. We have collective imperative in the western world to get over our frigidity recognizing all of the gifts we have been given. We need to actualize a little of the temple prostitute within us.

I have always had a graphic tendency towards phallus. They fill the tight gap between skulls and pinup girls nicely. They are subtle, natural, and traditional.
I take interns to do different jobs with me, a few years ago I had a delicate young lady who was eager to learn and please. I asked her to draw me a couple of dongs to use as cow horns in a design. Her first attempts were vestal, flaccid, and unpalatable. Her second attempts were more aroused and carnal. I finally told her to go out and do some hands on research.
The studio where I produce my work had a student who did a series of prints using curse words and body parts. There are two rules of thumb we should use to judge these types emissions. First, you should ask yourself if what you are saying with the curse words is penetrating. Second, if you're going to use schlong in your art at least make it regal, respectful, and beautiful. My biggest problem with their work was not the use of cocks, nor the use of curse words, rather the unattractiveness of the imagery. Visually you can produce whatever you want if it's insightful and well executed. Everything else is just pollution.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Screw the black bloc, I want the cock bloc

Bizarre collective social memory

There are fewer visual taboos. We have traversed a vast frontier of what is acceptable and unacceptable in our everyday lives. It is acceptable to show a picture of an aborted fetus to a group of preschoolers but if you pee outside behind a dumpster at four in the morning you can get arrested for indecent exposure. When I think about visual taboo, graphics, discussions, and religions I am affronted with the same conclusion. Cock has one of the deepest and longest decorative histories, but has become socially difficult to swallow.
As the womyn's rights movement slides forward. Phallic imagery has become crouchingly more passive.

Look what I made.
Egyptian gay porn stars

Dongs have  been traditional a symbols of good luck, fertility, and joy, the life force spitting forth the seeds of new creation. Everybody loves cock. Everybody.
Why have ideas of penis symbolology become so enmeshed with domination and control that
they have become socially flacid, off putting and unacceptable.
Our history is swollen with dick stories. 
In ancient egypt for example the myth of Osiris's death, divine Necrophilia, and resurrection. Isis impregnating herself with his prostetic golden phallus inspired an architectural development of the obelisk and column. Look around at these erections and remember their concept came from worshiping a dead gods member.  The fruit of their union, Horus, had a quasi beastiality homo love affair with dog headed Set complete with a hand job, cum, vegetarianism, incest and a-sexual reproduction. With stories like these the tactile history of schlong just gets more and more penetrating.

hey humanity, whos your daddy?
Things going in and things going out. Our visual and written language has facinatingly always been related to either taking it or giving it. There is sexiness oozing out all over our world, but it is easier to imagine a porn star screwing than the idea of our grand-parents, parents or children making love. Every generation thinks they invented it, and inversely every generation gets more externally open and internally repressive. Having dinner with a couple of retired Trannie prostitutes in their late 50s will give you the idea quickly and first hand.