Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby jesus doesn't condone poorly fitted suits.

We are all going to hell. Being extremely guilty of what other people perceive wrong, many think I should excuse myself from humanity with dignity and grace. If  heaven is filled with people who judge, it would be better to roast in warmth and comfort with those who don't care.
Vanity is a very important emotion, without it there would be no culture. Our narcisism would leave us a gaggle of bland homos. I like people who preen themselves and enjoy being presentable in public. A condemnation delivered from a neatly groomed, well dressed person is much more bearable. I dont take people who wear synthetics or fleece seriously, but coupled with their curses and damnation they are much more hateful. The inverse also applies, punks, gothes, and emo donkeydicks would be taken more seriously if they were well dressed (fishnet makes my mascara run too). Sin or no sin no one takes people who make mistakes of vanity to heart. Get a mirror before you open your mouth. It is better to be well dressed when you fall from whatever, than to spend a lifetime in sweatpants.
I love mirrors. I feel more comfortable when a room has a mirror in it. There are endless joys to be had in your own image. When I didnt have a full mirrior I would take pictures of myself to see what every one else was.
In college I had a mirrior hanging over my bed. I would lay in bed and examine every part of my body. It was then that I learned to lay in the right way so unflattering bits would be covered. I always try to see myself through my lovers eyes by using the mirror.
Vanity is an extreme external awareness that has led to every beautiful thing that humanity have ever done. God is Vanity.
Thats it, I am going to hell..
We meet our creator with nude consciences. They say we get the body\face we deserve. It is better to bow before your creator in the most flattering way possible. If our body is the vessal of our soul it is better to be beautifull in your vase. I wouldnt buy an ugly vase. I once found an ugly vase in the trash and used it as an umbrella holder by the back door. That is hell, to be a backdoor umbrella holder.
Some people are like vases from Patrick Nagal posters, full of dry sticks and pussy willows. Some people are like Liter water bottles with their tops cut off, full of flowers robbed from an old ladies garden. I would like to be an exercise ikebana.
Cleanliness is next to godliness. I like to be clean. I judge dirty people or people who try to be clean but are not, that is almost worst. A persons level of cleanliness can be a good measure of their vanity, and how much you have to respect it. Cleanliness has a double impact on the attractivness of a person. Dirty people are  rarely attractive and more prone to give yeast infections. Take showers regularly and you will not be unattractive.
I dont like to be considered a piece of meat, I like to go to the gym because you dont have to say much.

I love a clean polished mirror. I love disco balls, venitian mirriors, hall mirriors, roccoco mirriors and mirriored headboards. Subway windows make the worste mirrors, even a twelve year old looks ancient in them. I also hate funhouse mirrors. The best mirrors are the slimming type. If stores installed them they would sell oodles of stuff. Everyone wants to look slimmer, even anorexics.

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  1. I have a combo of a funhouse mirror that warps things with a slimming effect......