Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This print began in the form of a painting stuffed in the back of a storage room. Rather than dig it out I decided to make a repeat pattern design based on it. The concept of a veil is that there are certain places and formations on earth that open into other dimensions. They change your perception in such a way that when you return to our dimension you are changed. When I was a child there was a special place in the woods near my house. I would play there and loose my days in a mass of uncounted hours, I understand now that I was experiencing a veil. This is a three quarter brick drop repeat, the connecting pieces where reformulated three times to adjust the math in the printing. If the math is off slightly it may not show up in the beginning of the printing but as the image needs to be repeated, the larger it becomes the more it distorts.
joshua cosimo
These first four images capture my working process of formulating this repeat, The design that I am working on turned out to be totally wrong. The math was off and it didn't show its weakness until I had printed a meter, after words it began to print totally off, there was no amount of adjustment that could save it not to mention when I started to add colors.
jev cosimo

I had to redraw the whole piece, central medallion and joining pieces as one print so there would be lesser chance of distortion. After that I could start adding overlapping color prints with a great deal of accuracy.

After a few trial printings I gain a comfort with my screens and their printing order. I make the first print with 1 dark piece, the base, then i build on that trellis as a way to repeat it, on the first test all other printings aside from the original are printed in light grey or green. This allows me to see what the basic element looks like.
I print several tests before I print my style sheet that shows the design as the finished product.

jev cosimo

This is a step by step description of the printing of a sample, A three quarter brick drop a-symmetric print is a pain in the ass, nerve wracking, but the results make it totally worth it.

jev cosimo

jev cosimo

I like to use silver spoons for my ink cause its classy.

This little guy is Aection who was torn to death by his own hounds after Diana turned him into a stag for looking on her in a private moment. The hunter becomes the hunted.
This project has led me into my next grouping, I am increasingly interested in sacred geometry and symbolism and the way they transport us by changing our perception of everyday life. 
                                   all printing was done at art studio fuji, via guelfa 85 firenze

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