Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Masics" We are all made of stars.

joshua cosimo
For Hadis

I have always been (re)searching. My life is a dazzling array of action and reaction that brings me to now and beyond. In early 1999 proclivity for the occult and religion inspired me to send a friend in Jerusalem a prayer to be placed at the wailing wall . In it I asked our Divine creator to give me the strength and energy to fulfill my lifes destiny. It didn't arrive. I sent another letter it arrived shredded, a wet mass of paper pulp unable to be slipped between the sacred stones and touch the heart of god on earth. I gave up, there was obviously something that did not want my prayer anywhere near the last remains of Solomons temple. 
In summer 2000 I received a postcard from my friend telling me the first letter had miraculously re-appeared, I was not condemned after all. 
When a  relationship ended in 2009 a dear friend began sending me emails of spiritual guidance from the cabala center in New York. Those emails gave me an inspired outlook on the world prompting me to buy a copy of the Zohar. I had given in, pop religion has always left a bitterness in my soul but cabala was mailable enough to interpret my own devices. 

Solomon made a covenant with G**. In accordance G** granted him eternal wisdom.  From his temple, the elevated knowledge of the ages was dispersed among the believers of  monotheistic divinity. Reading ancient holy texts we begin to understand the layers of meaning our forebears laced within them. 
Stola Dei

The seal of Solomon had mystical powers to capture demons and inter them in copper bottles.  A pictogram of the idea what is here on earth is a reflection of what is in heaven. "As above so Below." Two intersecting triangles that form a polygon. 
 Graphically this image works very effectively. It is a smarter version of that star shit ravers would wear in the late nineties. I also respond to the idea of it forming a geometric pattern that at the same time is a representation of  elevated ideas on multiple levels.
JEV Cosimo
I used 12 diffrent colors of blue and green to give
 a varied but regular color block repeat.
There are multiple color groupings working here. When I laid out the original Seal of Solomon the negative space changed slightly as the cluster went from two to four to eight. To adjust for the distortion I made the color break down on a different numeration. This also allows for more variation in the color selection for printing.
JEV Cosimo
This Printing was done on a basic white cotton Indian Sari. I love the lightness of this cloth, the way it hangs and feels against the skin. I am also attracted to using this most ancient textile with an ancient symbol
JEV Cosimo
This four meter sari becomes a representation of
 the stole dei that  is worn by solomon in the graphic.

This pictogram is about our ennoblement to be better people. An visual idea to tell us we are a map of heaven, to think we are a reflection of all that is can pacify our fears. Instead of fighting everything, protesting and battling  we can be more effective by just living our lives. Not being sucked into what others tell us our stories are. I love this symbol because it gives us hope and something to esteem. We are vast and eternal parts of a vast and eternal part. We are all made of stars.


  1. can i give a 'hell yes!'
    i mean, really, giosue, i totally dig it.

  2. You make momma so proud. I'm honored to have you in my life. xoxo