Sunday, April 8, 2012

SPQR (getting nailed by romans)

Pride of the Romans

and a little surprise
etsy account
When we see a movie about ancient Rome we should ask ourselves were’s the cock? We have a double ended image of ancient Rome, on one tip we have Spartacus, on the other we have Caligula, but we forget there is a lot of sliding space in between, that cock worship was a VERY important part of our culture for as long as we have had culture. Young fresh brides would give their virginity to the gods before getting married. Straddling a penis fetish, making sure their hymen was broken the day before their wedding. A sacred act, you didn't want to get married if you didn't know the love of a god first. Our modern virginal bride in white is dull and incredible by comparison. Pretending to be like Mary will not make your son like Jesus.

As the catholic church rose to dominance penises on roman statues where chiseled off
in a collective societal castration ritual. Roman popular beliefs in an over sized engorged throbbing phallus as a sign of good luck were not shared by early clergy. Culturally we are left thinking that fig leaves and Ken's bump are the proper public perceptions of male anatomy, penis is shame full.The irony is inescapable.

waiting for the thrust of modernity
We love our orgasms but few can admit it, they help remind us we are bound the creative cycles of this reality. We are bridle trained from an early age to be ashamed of our our bits and pieces. We are not taught how being able copulate like rabbits and not procreate like them is what makes our sex lives different from other creatures. We have collective imperative in the western world to get over our frigidity recognizing all of the gifts we have been given. We need to actualize a little of the temple prostitute within us.

I have always had a graphic tendency towards phallus. They fill the tight gap between skulls and pinup girls nicely. They are subtle, natural, and traditional.
I take interns to do different jobs with me, a few years ago I had a delicate young lady who was eager to learn and please. I asked her to draw me a couple of dongs to use as cow horns in a design. Her first attempts were vestal, flaccid, and unpalatable. Her second attempts were more aroused and carnal. I finally told her to go out and do some hands on research.
The studio where I produce my work had a student who did a series of prints using curse words and body parts. There are two rules of thumb we should use to judge these types emissions. First, you should ask yourself if what you are saying with the curse words is penetrating. Second, if you're going to use schlong in your art at least make it regal, respectful, and beautiful. My biggest problem with their work was not the use of cocks, nor the use of curse words, rather the unattractiveness of the imagery. Visually you can produce whatever you want if it's insightful and well executed. Everything else is just pollution.

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