Saturday, August 25, 2012

Maprons for Mandy

Who's your daddy?
I am getting older, an inescapable fact. I cannot help but see lines starting to form on my face and damage that I have done to my self. Burned skin red and peeling, I was struck by the fact of how abusive we are to our sacred vessel. Our food is processed, we imbibe chemicals, radioactive metals, we smoke, we drink and poison ourselves. We are surrounded by negativity. Douche bags waiting for the end of the world because that world makes it easier to treat ourselves, others and our planet like shit.
jev cosimo
The irony is an inability to accept our collective responsibility. We tell everyone what they do wrong, how they are harming the planet, and how its us against them. I want to tell the people of occupy wall street to get over themselves as much as I want to tell the stockbrokers.
1. Protesting with signs is reactionary and serves only to strengthen the opposition. the people who have been stealing the manpower (production capacity) of the United States don't care.
2. Dress better. People tend to listen to smartly dressed individuals. If a homeless fat lady can take whore baths in the 42nd street subway station then I am sure its not that hard for you to take a shower at your moms house in Westchester.
3. Realize that the ability for you to voice your opinion is not in spite of the United States but because of it.
4. Any thoroughly successful revolution is  by the heart and not the fist
These kids should start companies.  The only way to change a world you don't like is to become a reflection of it. Reflections are the same but opposite. We will recognize the order, form and functionality. This is not a quick process, it has its roots in thousands of years of human progress.

jev cosimo
A Mapron for Mandy copyright J.E.V. COSIMO
                    I ask is it more effective to be repeatedly arrested for chaining yourself to pine trees than operate within and change an industry that has destroyed so many forests?. Most people are weak, not hero's, go sign another petition on the Internet. It will make you feel better about all the shopping and driving you do sipping your fair trade gmo free organic latte.

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